Korea V Lifting Nose Mono 3D 4D 6D 8D Face Lifting Thread Pdo Plla Pcl Cog Threads

by SW on Mar 04, 2024

PDO thread is widely used for wrinkles removal,cheek,chin,eyebrow lift.Mono thread is mainly used for winkles on face and body,filler for lips.Screw thread has also function to tighten skin and assistant to cog lifting thread.Cog thread is mainly for lifting and skin tightening.There are nose thread and eyebag thread those special for nose filler and eye area.Tell us what effect or which part you want to apply for we will help to choose the best thread that fit you most.

Product Name

Korea V Lifting Nose Mono 3D 4D 6D 8D Face Lifting Thread Pdo Plla Pcl Cog Threads



Material Type



18G 19G






EO Gas




Why Choose Us


Product Effects

application area



Q: What is the MOQ ? Can I mix with different models?
A: MOQ is only five pack! You can mix with different models.
Q: How long does the effect of A&D PDO thread last?
A: The thread can be absorbed by the body for about 4-6 months,the effect is sustainable for about 2 years.
Q: Is this a painful treatment?
A: The procedure does not involve pain, bleeding or swelling. The patient may feel slight stinging, similarly to an acupuncture
Q: Post-treatment recommendations
A: There are no contraindications against returning to the patient’s daily activity. Reddening at the thread introduction spots
disappear 3-5 hours after the treatment.
Q: Contraindications and adverse effects
A: There are no adverse effects or complications. The treatment may be performed throughout the year---sunlight is not a
Q: Can I have a sample?
A: Yes, of course, sample is available.
Q: How many days for shipment?
A: Usually we ship our PDO Thread by DHL, EMS, FedEx, UPS, and TNT. It will take about 3-10 days.

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